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"Soumya is a Kinner." - Declares Karina in Shakti!

Posted By manishadmg on Television - Soumya has, time and again, been reminded that she does not deserve happiness because she is a kinner in Colors' Shakti. Once again, Soumya will have to face the atrocities of the society and this time, it is none other than Soumya's friend turned foe - Karina, who herself, is a kinner!

Varun, in the want of revenge from Soumya (because she was the reason behind him not being able to marry Surbhi), will brainwash Karina against Soumya by telling her that the latter was responsible for Karina's mother's death.

Karina, in rage, will now reach Preeto's house and will not only dance but will inform the other kinners that someone from their community stays in the house. While Soumya and Surbhi handle the situation tactfully, Karina's antics will go from bad to worse where she will stick Soumya's posters all across the neighborhood announcing that Soumya is a kinner!

Will Varun succeed in taking revenge? How will Harman save Soumya this time?

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