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Shakti latest news – Soumya threatens to kill herself to convince Harman to marry Surbhi

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Here’s what’s in store for the viewers of Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki in the upcoming episodes of the show.

Harman comes to meet Soumya. He is very angry as she is making him marry Surbhi. Soumya tries to convince him. Harman does not agree.

Soumya does emotional torture asking Harman to hold her neck and strangulate her to death, if he does not want to agree to her. She asks Harman to marry Surbhi, else she will kill herself. She does not want the life as Preeto is troubling her a lot.

Preeto wants Harman to remarry and get the family ahead. Preeto asks Soumya and Surbhi to agree to her, if they want to stay in-house.

Surbhi and Harman agree to marry, for Soumya’s sake.

Will Harman and Surbhi really get married? We will have to wait and watch!

Stay tuned for latest updates of Shakti!

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